Ram vs Processor-Which is most important for a smartphone

One of the two most important things in mobile is RAM. Another is its processor. Many of us don’t know if we need more RAM or a better processor. Maybe it looks like we have taken a phone with 6 GB RAM in it with a less powerful processor. We think if the RAM is more then maybe the performance will be better. Again how many times I come up with a comma processor with a lot more price. So today’s explain Ram vs Processor. I don’t know how good any processor is. I think we need to get out of these mistakes. So today’s post is Ram vs Processor? Which is most important for a smartphone for you. So let’s get started.

Ram vs Processor Which is most important for a smartphone
RAM vs Processor


Before buying a mobile phone, if you are wondering which one is more suitable for your phone. So you need to know which one works. Does RAM work and does the processor work? How RAM on mobile helps in multi-tasking. You come with 4 GB of RAM, there you can play 500 MB 1gb 2bg games effortlessly. Now suppose the phone has 4 GB RAM but four or five apps will not run for long. You will see that the apps that you keep in the background will no longer work. When you start those apps, they are refreshed and start anew. So how does RAM help you instantly perform the apps you keep? And what does the processor do? The processor does not see how many apps you are running. See how fast your phone is running the processor.

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The things that the processor controls are how good the camera will be, how good the battery performance will be, how good the overall performance will be, what the resolution of the display will be, the ability to analyze, it all depends on the processor. How to give good graphics color. The color graphics that you are giving are all applicable to how good the graphics are because they are very much needed but the mortgage is not needed much. It’s all about Ram vs Processor.

I said that if you have to drive. But to make it clear that you need a good processor, if you buy a phone or two, one is Snapdragon 665 processor with 8 GB of RAM, easily buy another people’s phone with 712 4GB ROM, what will be the price of these two. As well as 8gb ROM will be Snapdragon 712 4gb if needed but the same price which will be heavier. Now you can feel safe every 365 days together but it will not be so good. Twelve will work well. It means you have opened it with twelve. Whenever you need to open one of the twelve, you will find that it is in the same place. Maybe see. Twelve or 15 rupees when you open the app will be seen that the app was that. Not in that place, okay, they are making new ones again, but the need for Eid Snapdragon 712 will make the performance of those twelve apps deadly.

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 A lot of people from doesn’t know about Snapdragon  665 will be seen giving Snapdragon 625 too much high-level stuff if you don’t ship now. In the next six months to a year, you will see that when HD Full HD, you will still see that Snapdragon 665 is running very slow. The chances of the mobile hanging will be much less so he is good at keeping this in mind. And if I say the names of two such fruits, one is Infinix Hot Eight’s Realme. Realme price but much higher. The Infinix Hot S3 Six is ​​a lot but the video of the powerful Infinix Hot Eight is bad. The company is slow.

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I depend on the phone you are buying without knowing what is needed in it. The reason you will see that it has started after a while may feel bad. It is not your fault that I am telling you this while standing. The only fault is that the companies do not say clearly how well they will perform on this phone. The reason you are running around a lot of times is to remember that no company is bad but all companies are good.

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 The company you are a fan of has a new phone that is selling in need of more profit. Before buying a phone, you must see and hear it

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