How To Rank Your Website On Google First Page I Hidden Tips 2021

Today I will talk to you about some of the most important things about affiliate marketing and blogging. If you follow the topics, your blog or website will be ranked on Google. If you want, almost all your posts will go to Google Fast Page. And you know very well how much your website will actually rank on Google Fast Page and Rank my website on google first page, So Let’s get started.


how to rank your website on google first page 2021


Content Vs Tools-Which is important To Get Your Website On Google First Page

The first thing I will talk about is content vs tools or software. Lots of affiliate marketers and bloggers who write about different topics on their websites are mostly focused on software or tools. I am not saying that there is no benefit in using software or tools but when you focus only on software or tools you can no longer produce good quality content. Internet means content. Pictures, videos, writings are all you dream of on the internet but all this is content. So when you are posting different blogs on your website, they are your content or product. Now the thing is that when you create good quality content or product, you will be far ahead in Google search ranking. According to my personal experience, Google ranks a website based on its content. Not above any tools or software. Looking at the internet and a lot of people around, I realized that many bloggers who are blogging and writing content on various topics on their websites almost always become dependent on software. There are millions of software on the internet, so you can’t finish using so much software. Using such software will not be of any use if your content is not of good quality. Content is the king. So when you are blogging you are publishing content on various topics on your website your first priority will be content production and good quality content production.

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You will give a 60% consultation on content production and a 20% concentration on various software. But most bloggers or affiliate marketers are more focused on software and not content writing. But Google will rank your website for content. Now let me tell you what it means to have good quality or the best content. There is nothing perfect or perfect in this world. As much content as you can write at the moment is the best content for you. You may not be able to write a 500-word contact at the beginning. As far as you can write, that is your best content.

If you increase your writing ability little by little every day, you will be able to write a lot of good content at a time. If you can write the content of 500 words today, then pay attention to how you can write the content of 600 words from tomorrow.

The next day 800, then the next day 800, 1 thousand 2 thousand will see at once you can write unlimited content. There is no secret formula for learning content writing. There is only one formula for learning content writing and that is practice. The more you practice, the better you will be able to produce content. So best of all, write as much as you can at the moment and concentrate on how you can write more and more content all the time and of course you have to be patient. 15 days a month you can not be a very good quality writer. There is no writer in the world who writes various books, from best-selling authors to many popular bloggers who do six-figure-seven-figure marketing and blogging, but no one has been a good quality writer in a month or two.

It took me a long time to become a good quality content writer. Now I can write non-stop articles. There is no word limit, I can write as long as I like. On any subject that I have knowledge of or want to write about. So I have a recommendation for you from the first day you start to see. 500 words on the first day, 800 on the second day, you will see on the third day that you are able to write 1000 words of content. Try as much as possible. And to reduce the use of tools or software, pay close attention to the content. And develop your content writing skills by practicing as well. Tools or software may seem like a secret to you but actually, your content will be your real material for your website. For which your website will come in search ranking. And from that content, affiliate sales can generate income from Google Adsense. So you focus 60% on the content and 20% on the software or tools.


Content Production Is The Main Thing To Rank your Website

The topic I will talk about is content production. A little while ago I explained to you the difference between Contact vs Software which has more importance. Now I will tell you how much content you put in to get your website ranked or you can generate maximum profit from your blogging site. In fact, there is no limit to the content produced. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Not that you have ten contents of your website, 20 contents, and 50 contents. Blogging is a nonstop job. 

Already you continue to produce unlimited content on the topping or niche that you are going to start working on or not. I will post a post on how to find contact ideas very quickly so stay connected with our website. Also, check out below for some more posts on blogging and affiliate marketing. Publish your niche or topic related to regular content on your blog site. Google likes it so much that regular Basis content is being published on a website. Google does not believe that this website is very active and new content is published here all the time. In this way, Google gives priority to those sites and brings those sites to the search rankings for a while. 

Another important thing is that you try to update your content from time to time. Suppose you posted a blog ten months ago. In ten months, a lot has changed. Something new is coming or something has changed. Update the change. You re-write your contact. When you are updating old articles, with new information, Google likes this very much and Google assumes that the content of the website is always updated, so it is a great advantage in banking. I’ve personally experimented with it and it works great. So of course you will try to update your content. Of course, you will always publish new content as well as update the old block posts that you have. And every week you schedule yourself to publish content twice a week or three times a week.


You will continue to try this subject. I have published five content this week. You have no news for the next five weeks. Maybe you came again and did three or four contents in Bangladesh. This lowers your priority to Google. If you make two contacts a week, you publish two, but try to continue every week. You will see that naturally many visitors are coming to your site.

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Building a good relationship with other webmasters

The next suggestion is Building a good relationship with other webmasters. You are operating a website like you are a webmaster just like you your niche related many more are blogging. They also let the webmaster build a relationship with them. Go to their website, read their content, comment on their content beautifully. You will see in the comment section of different websites that discussions are held on various topics. Join the discussion in peace.

You will not join just to get a backlink to your website comment you will join there. To make a meaningful comment there. To do this, you will have a good relationship with other webmasters. This will allow you to get high-quality backlinks. Creating backlinks is a challenge for almost every webmaster. And they do a lot of work for it. But if you blog smartly in the right way, then actually building high-quality backlinks is not a difficult thing. When you build good decryption with other webmasters, those webmasters, bloggers will easily give backlinks to your website and you will also give them backlinks, which means it is a win-win situation. Many people know this but the problem is they only know and never do it practically. And Selfish always thinks. They think everyone will give me backlinks I will not give to anyone. This way you can never get high-quality backlinks. If you search on Google how to build high-quality backlinks you will see there are hundreds of websites with different information.

I have tried 90% of these but the maximum percentage of information is to go to different bookmarking sites and do link building. Link building here, link building there is actually de 3 Kha segul can be read under spam. So if you go for link building, you will see that your website is losing more rank. I have actually seen that these things are of no use for rank. These are just time spent. Instead of spending time behind them, you should search Google for websites that match your niche related websites. If you search with your niche related keywords, you will find the desired websites. If you search on pages 1 to 10, you will find many websites. Review those websites well first and try to have a good relationship with those website owners. How your website is ranking. If you get 2 to 5 backlinks from that type of website then it is too big for you. It does not take hundreds of backlinks to get your website to Google fast page.


Giveaway Freebies Product To Get Rank on Google First Page 2021

Another great way to build high-quality backlinks is to offer free product releases. And this work is done by all kinds of companies in the world. You will see many big companies offering soap shampoo for free in different markets and shopping malls at different times. The biggest reason for this is that if you understand the fun of free products, you can buy and use them in the next step. So you are writing your own website but your own company is operating alone.
 It can be anything e-book free-ebooks can be different design-related content, different designs of graphics related, different templates different tools. You can also write a book about what you have learned from the beginning of your blogging career with ten to fifteen tips and important points. You can easily create an e-book through Google Docs and download the PDF. You can upload it there and give it to your website with the download link. This will allow you to create backlinks. And there are many websites like PDF uploader where you can submit your Akbanano PDF file.

Where you can submit your written PDF book to other web sites and from there you can take profile backlinks. From here you can take high-quality backlinks. Offering any kind of freebie product thing on your blogging site. I’m a niche or topic related.


Give Backlink To Your Related Blogging Sites 

Now the thing I’m going to talk about is that there are other websites on your website that you can find out by Google search. If you search Google with your niche or topic related keywords, you will find many websites if you visit from page number one to page number twenty of Google. Make a list of good quality web sites. Make a list and post a blog with only those websites. This is a great strategy. I have used it personally and I have gained a lot of high-quality backlinks through this strategy. Let me tell you a little more, the building depends entirely on a personality of its own. If you only read the blog posts of other websites, you will not be able to create backlinks. Can’t taunt backlinks. You have to have some personal creativity.

Make a list of all the websites you can find related to your niche. Which will distinguish the good quality websites. And only post your website or blog with those websites. And I will tell you what you will write there. You will write about the owner, author, and who is writing on the website of each of your chosen websites.

Also, tell me about the names of the people who are writing on this website. Mention their names and what kind of articles are available on this website. What are the benefits a reader can get by visiting this website? That means to appreciate every website. There he must give do-follow back Lincoln on the websites. But I said a little while ago, give a link to your content. I’m saying that by doing this you will be different from them that you will find a link to the sites that you only post a blog about them.

WordPress websites have an advantage. If the WordPress web site leaks a website backlink, then the pingback notification is automatically removed. It is in WordPress that you will be notified if you link to your website internally. Again, if you are using fiction for someone else, you will publish special content for their website. Each website has its name on the website and the website is given to those websites. After a while, you write a few lines about that website. You will see that you will get backlinks from five of these sites. From here, if two of you give it to you, then your high-quality backlinks have been created from five different sites, which are more high-quality backlinks from the members’ bookmarking forum postings. I will definitely apply to your affiliate marketing and blogging business. Rank my website on google first page

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Answer To Visitors Nicely To Rank Your Website On Google First Page

If you look, you will see that there are many people on your website who will come to your website and comment. Give a beautiful way of tears in every comment. It’s very common, everyone does it. You may not have much time to publish regular content. Even then, try to answer the questions in a very nice way.

One more thing is that. Many will come and make a bad comment on your website today. So never expect 100% positive comments. Not everyone will be happy with your blog post. For some it will be useful, for others it will not be useful. So there is no reason for tension. If you read two, four, or five negative comments, there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing to be tense about. Just ignore the dos comment. If you don’t approve of that comment, it will be difficult for your website to appear in search engines. So never do that. You will approve all kinds of good and bad comments, except for spam comments. You will approve both comments.

 Many people see that good comments will do so much, they will see again if someone is commenting, upload it. And when a bad comment is deleted, when people come and your content is already a good comment or a bad comment, then Google assumes that this content is very important. . People are having discussions here. There are two pros and cons to any topic. You will see on different social media that the good and the bad combine but talk on different topics. Rather, you will learn something new from those negative comments and improve them by applying them to your next contacts.

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Going forward so you must keep your head on this issue. Try to answer every comment. There is no reason to be tense even after reading negative comments. rank my website on google first page Just ignore them. But you must upload the comment, it will be your profit, your content will come quickly in search engines.

On-page SEO-Rank my website on google first page

The topic I will talk about this time is on-page SEO. The content that you publish or are doing is what you will do on-page SEO. Use alternate tags in the image, use different heading tags, use paragraphs. Using block codes to use internal links means putting what you have published in your previous blog post inside that post. Rank my website on google first page.

Then when Google’s robot comes to read any of your new content, it will also read the old articles. Then you will see that all the posts have been ranked on Google. So never avoid this issue. So you will give much importance to on-page SEO and here I will tell you one thing from my personal experience that when you do every blog post, I will use a main for that blog post and all the keywords related to that keyword will be related keywords. How to put the keyword in your blog post is also an important issue. Putting too many keywords will be a problem. So try to insert the related keyword’s post inside your new post.

This is an SEO related post so I have an old post of my website as an example that is SEO related so I will give that post here. Rank my website on google first page.

If you think that using too many keywords will make your post rank in Google very quickly then you are wrong. Google doesn’t like it when you use a lot of words, so try to work with a specific word.

If you practice all of the above, you will be forced to come up with your own blog post and Google’s first website.

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