5 Blogging Mistakes I You Should Avoid Doing In 2021

Hi, guys welcome to my website. Today i will share 5 Blogging Mistakes.¬† Blogging is a writing profession. If you like writing, you can work in the blogging industry. But about 90 percent of people end up in this blogging industry because of some common mistakes. Today I will talk to you about ten such mistakes. If you avoid these mistakes, you will see good development in your blogging career. So let’s get started.

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1. Trying To Earn From Day One

It’s a number one issue 5 Blogging Mistakes part.5 Blogging Mistakes The number one and most common, thinking of earning from the very beginning of blogging. See if we want to do a good quality job then after studying you for fifteen to twenty years and then reading for a job again maybe we can have a good job expectation. Just blushing and beans. You can’t generate income by blogging from your first day.

You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. At the same time, you need to continue publishing articles on a specific topic for a specific period of time. Then you will see that investment will be generated from a one-time back. No matter how many websites you visit, you will see that they are generating a good quality income by using Google Adsense or various other ads nearby.

They could not come to this position overnight. It took them a long time to come here. So you also have to publish regular articles until success comes. You will also remember that while publishing different types of content, you will also see traffic coming to your website at some point. Even at the beginning of my blogging, I used to lose my flag at various times, as a result of which I had to pay the toll in various ways like I got success too late. So everyone will have a request to keep posting your niche related. So that those niche related users understand very well that you are proficient on a specific topic. By doing this, users will understand that it is a perfect website for them and Google will also understand that it is a useful website.

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2. Applying For Too Many Affiliate Program

Do not join additional affiliate programs. Join an affiliate program related to only those topics related to your blog. You can join the affiliate program of more than one company with one website. The biggest marketplaces are AliExpress, Theme Forest. There are also thousands of companies online with affiliate Patna. But join two, three, or four affiliate programs related to your blog.

Joining a good quality program without joining an additional affiliate program will be much better for you in this blushing career. From my personal inexperience, I suggest you pay close attention and choose which affiliate program your website visitors are paying more attention to when joining. So refrain from these common mistakes in your blogging career. There are many people who are new to the blogging career and they do it because they join eight or nine affiliate programs for greed. Then it is seen that good quality income is not being generated from there.

3. Applying for Affiliate Program Without Contents 

The next common mistake is to apply for affiliate programs without content. Many people apply for affiliate programs without any content which in most cases they get rejected. Before any company takes an affiliate partner, I want to see what kind of content or article you are publishing on your website. After reviewing them, they approve the account. So before applying for an affiliate program, you must publish the article on your website first. There is no specific amount of how many articles you will apply after publishing. Again, blogging is a writing profession.

You need to write regularly. If the purpose of approving your account for an affiliate program is to get Google Adsense Approved from your main purpose, you can’t do anything good in blogging. All you have to do is publish good quality content on your website. Be sure to publish the article or content before you have your YouTube channel or your website. If your website or youtube channel is all right then you will get Approve as soon as you apply.

So think about your content before you think about it. And try to buy rules like time and see if you can do something good one day. So you will never make these common mistakes. Success after work before.

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4. Affiliate Link Spamming


The gender of the affiliate program is pasted everywhere. Suppose you go to the comment section of different websites and paste the link. Pasting links wherever you are on Facebook does not mean affiliate them. These are basically called spamming. So these should never be done. Due to such mistakes, many accounts are disabled from time to time. So never do these things.

Many times newcomers also share their website links on social media. Choose the word you write well and try to write a standard post. You will see that you are getting a lot of visitors organically. Your website is growing a lot over time. So without following the wrong path, you should focus on your content. One thing you should always remember is that you must write quality articles to get your website ranked. There is no benefit in sharing links here and there. So never make this common 5 mistakes in blogging.

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5. Direct Link Paid Promotion

The next common mistake is to promote affiliate links directly. It can never be done. Amazon Theme Forest is a big company. You have boosted the links of all these marketplace products through Facebook, you have boosted them through Google Ad World, so your website can be suspended. You write content on your website and those affiliate links inside your content. You can give and you can boost the link of your post so there will be no problem.

Such companies do not like to promote their direct links. So you can restrain yourself from such mistakes.Such companies do not like to promote their direct links. So you can restrain yourself from such mistakes.

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Suppose you want to affiliate with one of Amazon’s products. Now all you have to do is write an article about one thousand or more related products. And at the end of the article, you can write that if you want to buy this product, click here. Then you can boost the link of your article. There will be no problem. However, if you boost the link of the product in different places, such as Facebook, YouTube, then there may be a problem. So always avoid such mistakes. Focus on one thing and you will see that you have achieved success once.

I think I’m able to understand how effective hist 5 Blogging Mistakes.

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