History of Xiaomi 2007 to 2021

History of Xiaomi 2007 to 2021

History of Xiaomi When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, many prominent manufacturers, such as Motorola and Nokia, were knocked out of the competition. Just then, a smartphone company emerged from China. The brand went from startup to global player in just five years and even surpassed the iPhone in China. Yes, I’m talking about Xiaomi. 


History of Xiaomi 2007 to 2021.



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Moreover, from the beginning until today, Xiaomi has been changing the attitude that Chinese phones are not good. Xiaomi delivers the best specification smartphones within the purchasing power of the users. Gaining acquaintance. In addition to Shaomirmi’s smartphones, there are a variety of electronic gadgets, smart home appliances, and lifestyle products. History of xioami So in today’s post, we will talk about Xiaomi and see how Xiaomi has been able to create such a huge position in the world in just 10 years as a startup.


 After graduating, he joined King Soft, a software company, in 1992 as an engineer. He later became a co-founder of King Soft in 1998. In 2000, Lie Jun opened his own bookstore, yoyo.com, which later became too large to be bought by amazon.com in 2004 for $ 75 million.


And creates a bottom position in the Chinese market. At that time, the mobile phone market was dominated by Nokia’s Motorola Siemens, LG, etc. Brands. Then the smartphone craze started in 2010. Seeing this situation, he thought of establishing Xiaomi with some like-minded people. But he needed funds for his new establishment and he went to an investor. The investor has been investing in various businesses for many years, and he has raised 1.1 million for the organization, as well as many other investors.

Xiaomi was founded in April 2010 by ex-Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun

Finally, on April 6, 2010, Lei Jun officially founded Xiaomi. Xiaomi became CEO and chairman of Lei Jun, with a total of 6 co-founders. Initially started as a software company. They used to make custom ROMs based on Android phones, then they focused on hardware and brought the first smartphone to the market with their own custom ROMs. Although it started as a startup, Xiaomi is now the fourth best smartphone maker in the world, followed by Samsung and Apple. . Now I will tell you the success story. Xiaomi made their first Android Best Custom ROM Mui in 2010. It was an alternative waste replacement for Android users. Open source custom ROM is very popular among developers. Xiaomi made the Mi 1 phone in 2011. 

Within 34 hours of the phone’s announcement, 300,000 pre-orders were received. In China, the crowd of fake and cloned iPhones was offering Xiaomi quality products at affordable prices. It was a big deal for users not to be able to buy premium and costly smartphones. Xiaomi is also the first Chinese company to change its mindset of Chinese consumer products. Xiaomi then announced the 2012 Mi 2 phone to use Qualcomm Snapdragon s 4 pro processor smartphone as well as the 2013 smart TV. 

 In 2014, Aksha Pai became the leading phone in China. Only that year did they promote their position in India by selling mi 3 on Flipkart. Surprisingly, at that time, 1 lakh phones were being sold in India in just 4.2 seconds.

After its success in India, Xiaomi’s Ceo World Aid announced the sale of 100 million phones in 2015, but in that year Xiaomi was able to sell only 70 million phones. In 2016, the revenue of smartphones dropped by 9.2% compared to 2015. Apart from Apple and Samsung, the other three on the IDC list were Chinese. Although 23.15 million units of devices were sold in the same year, Xiaomi sold 91.4 million units of smartphones in 2017. In the first six months of that year, investment in the Indian market increased by 328 percent and Xiaomi turned around again. 


Also released in September 2017 was their first stock Android phone mi A1. In 2018, Xiaomi plans to sell 100 billet devices worldwide again. In the first quarter of that year, Xiaomi’s smartphone sales rose by 88 percent globally. Xiaomi surpasses Samsung in India to become the best-selling smartphone and the world’s fourth-largest smartphone

According to the manufacturer, according to a survey, Xiaomi’s over-all revenue in 2015 came from outside China, which increased to 40% in 2018. Xiaomi’s revenue in 2019 was around প্র 29.4 billion USD. In the second quarter of that year, Xiaomi sold 3 million smart speakers. In the case of Revenue, there was a study book. 


Xiaomi continues to grow very fast in Austin Europe.History of Xiaomi Their IoT and another internet service best services get their momentum back. As of 2019, the number of 500 and more iot users was 2.1 million and more. The same year, Xiaomi moved into seventh place on the Future Fifteen list. Among the Pandemics, where global smartphone sales fell 10 percent, Xiaomi grew 6.63 percent

Compared to the first quarter of last year, sales of top companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple decreased, but the sales of Xiaomi increased to 29.2 million units. In the first quarter, the revenue of Xiaomi was 7.1 billion dollars. And the list of best-selling TVs has just written its position in the top five list. For more than a year, Xiaomi smartphones and smart devices have been connected to the .iot or Internet of Things platform. According to Xiaomi, these are the biggest IoT brands and they are working for the smart home in the future. As of March 31, 2020, the number of ID-connected devices without smartphones and notebooks was approximately 252 million. Xiaomi Assistant’s monthly active users were about seventy-five million.

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About 40 million on their own and about 330 million on the MIUI platform, which was about 330 million in 2010. They have about 100 MPs, but now they have more than 18,000 employees worldwide. They have a total of more than one thousand mi home stores around the world. Its make History of xioami .

Smart Phone Smart TV Laptop Notebook Smartphone Gadgets Cameras Smart War Abs Electric Transportation Air Purifier and much more. In addition to smartphones, Xiaomi’s Smart and Ear Ables are their top-selling product line. Every model selling product of Mi Band Band Band 4 since it came on the market. In just nine months, 1 million units of the first event were sold, sold at 1 million. The Mi band 5 has been announced on June 11, 2020, and will be available in worldwide stores in July.


Xiaomi has been able to sell more than 100 million Smart War Absolutes which is unprecedented in the history of War Absolute Smart. So far, the best-selling smartwatch brand in the world is Xiaomi Mi Band 4, but in Bangladesh, Xiaomi sold more than 30,000 phones in one day, and on that day, Xiaomi earned around Rs 70 crore. In addition, Xiaomi sold 12 million units of phones a month in India. 

Not only that, in 2014, Xiaomi set a Guinness World Record by selling 2.1 million smartphones in just 24 hours. However, Xiaomi does not manufacture all products, such as the Smart Mi Air Purifier. Of the 290 startups that Xiaomi has been investing in,

History of xioami Smart Mi ranks 106th in the 10 years since its inception and 468th within two years of the IPO. Xiaomi took it Acer brand G’s  History of xioami Top Handed Most Valuable Global Bank has Xiaomi located in 80 countries including South Africa, Asia, and Austin Europe. After all, Xiaomi has retained much of its success in the fight for survival,

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 even though it has lost many friends in the smartphone world from the market. Xiaomi’s triumph with a huge ecosystem of more than forty products on Affordable Writing for High Escape Divide devices does not stop now. History of Xiaomi We may see many more product universes from Xiaomi in the future. I will tell you about one of our next programs. It”s history of xiaomi.

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