iOS 15 Revealed Which iPhone is getting iOS 15 update?

How to update IOS 15?  From the WWDC 2021 event, Apple revealed the new iOS 15. This year, a large number of iPhones will receive the upgrade. FaceTime, iMessage, and notifications have all been updated in the latest iOS version. The iOS 15 upgrade will not be available to all iPhones. Apple is releasing a developer beta version of iOS 15 right now. In July, the public beta version will be released. The update will be available on a variety of iPhones in September or October of this year.

iOS 15
iOS 15


What new features does iOS 15 include?

iOS 15 brings a slew of new features to the world’s most popular smartphone. The Face Time and iMessage applications have seen the most modifications. FaceTime will now include Spatila Audio. During video calls, this lets the user’s voice to be heard more clearly. When conducting FaceTime video calls in portrait mode, the background will also blur. AirPlay is now available in FaceTime once more. In video calls, you may use this functionality to share movie and TV series displays. Customers on Windows and Android may now participate in FaceTime video chats directly from their browsers.

Apple has also improved iOS alerts and included a slew of new FaceTime capabilities. The new functionality will appear at the top of the screen automatically, recognizing which alerts you wish to receive first. A number of modifications have also been made to the Safari browser. Various programs, such as Apple Maps and Weather, have also been updated to the new operating system, with significant improvements.

“Iphone has become vital for many consumers, and this year we’ve added even more ways it can improve our daily lives,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “iOS 15 helps people stay connected while sharing real-time experiences, provides them new tools to help them avoid distraction and find concentration, utilizes intelligence to improve the camera experience, and delivers new ways to explore the globe with massive Maps updates. We can’t wait to show it to our customers.”

Calls and Shared Experiences with SharePlay

FaceTime allows users to quickly connect with the people that mean most to them, and discussions with friends and family are even more natural now that this is available. Voices in a FaceTime conversation sound as though they’re coming from where the person is on the screen with spatial audio, and new microphone modes isolate the user’s voice from background noise. Portrait mode is now available for FaceTime, and it’s created exclusively for video conversations, so users can blur their backdrop and bring themselves in focus. It’s inspired by the amazing portrait images shot on iPhone. 2 A new grid view in Group FaceTime allows members to see more faces at the same time.

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How to update your iPhone to iOS 15?

Later this year, Apple will push iOS 15 to the devices listed below through OTA update. Open the phone’s settings and select Software Update under the General tab to install iOS 15. Customers will have to wait a few months for the stable version to be released.

On Monday, Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2021, began. Cupertino’s corporation introduced new features of software upgrades for all Apple devices on the first day. In addition to iOS 15, Apple has launched iPadOS 15, MacOS Monterey, and WatchOS 8.

Which iPhone is getting iOS 15 update?

  1.  iPhone 12
  2. iPhone 12 Mini
  3.  iPhone 12 Pro
  4.  iPhone 12 Pro Max
  5.  iPhone 11
  6.  iPhone 11 Pro
  7.  iPhone 11 Pro Max
  8.  iPhone XS
  9.  iPhone XS Max
  10.  iPhone XR
  11.  iPhone X
  12.  iPhone 8
  13.  iPhone 8 Plus
  14.  iPhone 7
  15.  iPhone 7 Plus 1
  16.  iPhone 6S
  17.  iPhone 6S Plus

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